I never want the Game Boy Camera to die. It's just too cute -- the accessory even has its own hat! So, even though this hack is a bit ridiculous, I am sharing it here for the purposes of keeping interest in the device alive. Also, I quite like how video turns out with this contraption.

8bitcollective community member Kraettz built this setup with a Game Boy Camera, a Game Boy Advance, a GBA TV converter, and a portable video player with a 40 GB hard dive that records clips with a 320x240 resolution.

Bulky as it is, the unit is designed to be portable and works with a 9-volt battery, which will last around 50 minutes. Check out the snowboarding video Kraettz shot with the mod after the break (music and sound effects created with a Game Boy, too):

You could probably replicate the same effects by applying filters to videos you recorded with a much more portable iPhone, but no one's really going to be impressed when you brag about it.