Bennett Foddy, who created the very amusing QWOP, has released a new rock climbing game called GIRP that he calls "very loosely a spiritual successor" to the near impossible ragdoll-based running game.

In GIRP, you need to grab onto a scattered collection of rings to ascend by hitting their associated letter on your keyboard to reach them. Your character's body is flailing around the entire time, though, so you'll need to hit spacebar or shift to get him to jump toward the rings.

The challenge comes in swinging your character to reach the other rings while holding down the key for the currently gripped ring. More than a few times, I let go of the wrong key to reach the next ring, and sent my guy crashing into the water.

And if that's not challenging enough, when you reach a certain point, a bird begins to harass you and decides to hang out on the next ring you need to grab, forcing you to choose another path. I'm sure there are more annoying obstacles, but I couldn't make it past 14 meters!

I make this all sound really annoying, but like QWOP, it's very addicting and makes you want to have "just one more go" to see if you can climb higher. It's free and playable in your browser, so go check out GIRP.

[Via @mossmouth]