Torn Banner Studios recently posted this teaser video featuring early alpha in-game footage from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, a first-person online combat game that looks to "deliver the intensity of epic hollywood medieval block busters to the hands of a gamer."

If you played the Age of Chivalry Source mod, which was created by the same team, you know what you're in for: first-person combat in the Middle Ages (no mounted battles, unfortunately) with "swords, shields, maces, longbows, catapults, and many other medieval weapons".

The developer promises a higher quality and more polished experience in Chivalry, though, adding revamped melee and ranged combat systems, interactive environments, a "movement system that actually makes sense", professional animations and visuals, and more.

Though the Unreal Engine-powered project won't have a single-player campaign, it will feature co-op support and online battles that have "multiple stages and objectives such as smashing in the castles gate with a battering ram or razing and pillaging your opponent's encampment."

Torn Banner hasn't yet announced a release date for Chivalry, but it says the game will release for PC (if it receives enough interest, it will consider console versions in the future). You can watch a Lore trailer for the online title after the break: