Eyezmaze, creator of those simple but delightful Grow flash games that everyone seems to have played at one time or another, has released another fun title for the logic puzzle series called Grow Cannon.

It takes after the Japanese developer's other titles, in which you have to interact with different elements, leveling them up in the correct order to complete a task/goal -- the mission in this game is to wake up a sleeping man.

Though each playthrough only takes a few minutes, you could spend as long as a half-hour or an hour trying to figure out how to direct the "Grow Cannon" in this game to finally shake the guy from his slumber.

As with most of Eyezmaze releases, though, even when you fail or are just learning how the different elements work with each other, there are lots of funny animations to reward your experimentation. The surprise ending is worth sticking with it!

[Via IndieGames.com]