Taking advantage of his fame from 2007 documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, the film's antagonist Billy Mitchell has opened a small King of Kong arcade inside the Orlando International Airport, complete with artwork/posters from the movie.

The game center has your typical attractions -- air hockey, light gun machines (Aliens Extermination, Terminator Salvation), Avatar pinball, racers, basketball, and crane games -- but no classic arcade games, including the one Mitchell is best known for breaking records in, Donkey Kong!

At least the area has plenty scenes and sprites from the Nintendo game decorating the wall, but it still seems strange for a King of Kong arcade to be missing Donkey Kong. Maybe Mitchell is waiting to take the high score record back from Hank Chien before bringing it in?

You can watch a video tour of the arcade after the break:

[Via Arcade Heroes]