Anime and manga publisher Viz Media is publishing an English-translated version of Ico: Castle of the Mist, the novelization of PS2 action-adventure game Ico by best-selling author Miyabe Miyuki (All She Was Worth, Brave Story) that originally released in Japan in 2002.

Viz's description of the non-canonical 400-page novel, which WikiUeda says is "Miyuki's personal interpretation of the story, expanding greatly on the Ico mythos and explaining how many of the characters came to be":

"When a boy named Ico grows long curved horns overnight, his fate has been sealed-he is to be sacrificed in the Castle in the Mist. But in the castle, Ico meets a young girl named Yorda imprisoned in its halls. Alone they will die, but together Ico and Yorda might just be able to defy their destinies and escape the magic of the castle.

Based on the video game filmmaker Guillemo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth) called a 'masterpiece,' Japan's leading fantasist Miyuki Miyabe has crafted a tale of magic, loss, and love that will never be forgotten."

Distributor Simon & Schuster lists Ico: Castle of the Mist's ship date as July 19th, though Viz hasn't formally announced that as the book's firm release date. Amazon is already taking discounted preorders for the paperback ($10.76 compared to list price of $15.99).

[Via Raccoon City Ransom]