Kill Screen, the indie magazine that seeks to be the video game equivalent of "what early Rolling Stone was to rock n’ roll or Wired was to tech", has published Issue 2: Back to School, examining what/how/why do games teach?

Here's what you can look forward to in the issue, which has a limited run of 2,000 copies:

"... We explored the Australian outback with Ben Abraham. We took a trip to the Smithsonian with Brian Taylor and Laura Michet walked the surface of the moon with NASA. Former Microsoft VP Ed Fries explained how beauty comes from constraint and Colbert Report writer Rob Dubbin interrogated a day trader about the connections between finance and StarCraft.

Videogame academic Mitu Khandaker questioned her own existence as a videogame academic and David Wolinsky interrogated the chief historian for Assassin’s Creed 2. We’ve even got a comic from cartoonist James Kolchalka and some incredible artwork from Emanuele Sferruzza Moszkowicz (such as our cover and a lovely dream portrait of the president of Thatgamecompany, who made Flower.)"

Something else you can look forward to is reduced pricing for the magazine. You can now pick up a single issue for $15, $5 less than before. You can also grab an issue and T-shirt combo for $25, a four-issue subscription for $50, and a four-issue subscription and T-shirt pack for $60.

You can check out the new Kill Screen issue and other items from the magazine's shop here.