Indie game developer Chevy Ray Johnston (FlashPunk, Skullpogo) teamed up with artist Matt Furie and chiptune musician Nullsleep" to release Return Of The Quack, an offbeat shoot'em up in which you control an anthropomorphized duck that rides on top of a giant laser-shooting duck, shooting popsicles, disembodied heads/hands, and other strange enemies.

Return Of The Quack is available to play for free with an online Bonus Level (features leaderboard and Facebook/Twitter support), but to play the full game, you'll need to grb the CD-ROM that comes with the latest issue of Asian American pop culture magazine Giant Robot -- see the cover of issue #67 after the break.

According to Return Of The Quack's site, Toyota's car brand Scion, which sponsored the game, is also hosting a video game art show at its Scion Space in Culver City this November. We'll make sure to share details on that with you when more information is available.