Renown Japanese game music composer Yuzo Koshiro (Ys, Streets of Rage) is showing off a curious project from his studio Ancient Corp. titled Mamotte Knight (Protect Me Knight). It's an action RPG styled after retro games with 8-bit/Famicom-style graphics and audio, except it's headed to Xbox Live Indie Games.

In Protect Me Knight, players choose a hero from one of four different classes and protect a princess from invading monsters. You can upgrade your defenses and boost your hero's skills, and also invite four other players to join you for co-op play.

Though the game isn't slated to release until spring, you can play a Japanese PC demo (XNA 3.1 required) -- just click the diskette on Protect Me Knight's official site. Even though the page is in Japanese, it's worth examining for its trailer and retro design; there's even a fake magazine scan!

[Via Andriasang, @ferricide]