Gary "Army of Trolls" Lucken, whose awesome pixel art poster was given away to Edge subscribers last June, has a new 'Coin Op' print paying tribute to eleven attractive arcade cabinets (e.g. Space Innvaders, Gauntlet, Golden Axe, Bomb Jack) done up in his isometric pixelart style.

The Switzerland-based artist teamed up with The Poster Cause Project, which features and sells a new limited edition poster each month for charity (similar to eBoy's 'Poverty Is Modern' poster for Amnestry International), to offer copies of the 11x17 full-color piece for $25.

All profits from the poster's sale will go to SpecialEffect, a UK-based charity dedicated to helping young people with disabilities enjoy computer games. You might recognize the charity from its recent launch of Gamebase, a site catering to both gamers looking for disability-friendly releases and developers hoping to make their titles more accessible.

[Via @attractmode]