Providing a rich but fictional backstory of its failed foray into the video game industry during the early 80s, Mac software developer Panic debuted a set of recently unearthed artwork from that era, originally created for the packaging of its four Atari 2600 games.

The company says it found the items -- "empty, perfect-condition, never-used game boxes, and amazing heavy promotional posters once given out during a lavish CES party" -- in a forgotten corner of an old storage space. And now it's selling the sets of cardboard boxes and 19¾" x 19¾" posters in its online store!

The artwork actually corresponds to Panic's software releases -- Transmit, Coda, Unison, and Candybar. The five-armed, red-faced confectionist on Candybar's artwork is especially terrifying, but I love Transmit's box, not just for its warm hues, download/upload arrows, and truck icon, but because Transmit is the best damn FTP application I've used in 10+ years.

More shots of the boxes, posters, and even an old magazine advertisement with screenshots of Panic's forgotten games after the break: