If you ever wished that Dwarf Fortress looked like FarmVille, or if you could just never get into the massive PC game because of its ASCII graphics, Stonesense could be the solution that will get you to finally appreciate the cult favorite title (or appreciate it even more, if you're already a fan of the roguelike/sim).

Currently available with a third alpha release, Stonesense is a third-party "retro isometric visualizer" developed by Jonas Ask and Solifuge. The open source project tilts Dwarf Fortress and replaces its flat, spartan graphics with cute sprites that better approximate the game's creatures, environments, etc.

Dwarf Fortress already has several graphic sets that you can apply, but I like that this turns the game into what looks like a mix of Populous and Harvest Moon. You can follow Stonesense's development here. I've also embedded a video and several screenshots of the visualizer after the break:

[Via TIGSource]