Cute Room, an upcoming shop opening in Akihabara this October 4th, will soon offer customers a chance to spend time with one of its female employees and engage in a variety of non-sexual activities. Clients select a themed room -- maid room, school room, Monster Hunter room, etc. -- and pick out a costume for the girl they will spend time with.

You can watch a DVD or play video games on a number of consoles (Wii, PS3, PSP, Xbox, and DS) with her for around ¥1,000 ($11) every 30 minutes, or you can pay your companion to fake her affection for you by massaging your hand, giving you a love letter, reading a bedtime story, slapping you in the face (both sides), or just looking at you.

Even more strange than those activities, for ¥1,500 ($16.46), you can rest your head on a girl's lap and have her clear your ears for 20 minutes. Apparently, some guys are really into this! Last month, one customer at another shop became so smitten with the woman cleaning his ear, he spent around ¥300,00-400,000 ($3,291 - $4,388) per month, and ended up stabbing her when she refused to become his girlfriend.

Crazy and expensive, right? Might be better to just play your video games and clean your ears at home.

[Via Canned Dogs]