Writer and director Stacy Davidson showed off this clip for the Star Wars Uncut project last week, but it turns out he's developing an actual SCUMM adventure game featuring Han Solo, though it won't have voice acting or the same tongue-in-cheek tone in the video above.

Titled Han Solo Adventures, this LucasArts-inspired project will feature "a relatively mature style along the lines of Fate of Atlantis and Full Throttle. It will focus on the smuggler's hijinks prior to A New Hope, so don't expect any trips to the Death Star or Endor. Davidson plans to split up Han's adventures into chapters, though, so you should still be able to explore a variety of Star Wars locales in the planned releases.

"This game was born out of my frustration that LucasArts seemed to throw everything but the kitchen sink into their adventure game lineup, with the exception of their flagship property: Star Wars," he explains.

"As awesome as Fate of Atlantis was, it always rubbed salt into the wound for me. I felt like, 'OK, Indy’s awesome... now where’s Han?!?' For me, that’s what it’s all about, so if I am going to properly bring one of my life dreams into reality."

You can see a couple screenshots from the unofficial freeware PC game below, and follow Davidson's progress on his Han Solo Adventures site.

[Via GamOvr]