Now for news on Atari's other portable system (though the original model wasn't much smaller than the Stella-Tubby), the Atari Lynx. Despite its age, the 1989 system hasn't been completely forgotten, as there's at least one new game planned for it.

Super Fighter Team, the retro game publisher publisher responsible for the recent localizations and releases for Genesis titles Beggar Prince and Legend of Wukong, is working with developer PenguiNet on an original horizontal shooter called Zaku.

Game Developer actually featured the Air Zonk-inspired game in its April 2009 issue, with this plot synopsis: "The game's protagonist, Zaku, dons her rocket shoes and power gloves and sets off on a journey to retrieve stolen development tools being used to flood the market with bad games!"

It's an even more interesting idea considering that PenguiNet is using an official Lynx development. Zaku's 4-megabit cart will feature 16 stages and multiple difficulty modes. You can see more Zaku screenshots newly released by Super Fighter Team below:

[Via Digital Press]