Next weekend, San Francisco's alternative art space The Lab will host, an interactive works festival looking to explore "the full range of possibilities available through gaming as a medium" and promising an attractive mix of digital art, experimental video games, and alcohol.

Hangar One Vodka will supply cocktails and drinks with three of the feature games at the event -- post-brunch mimosas (1PM) with wizard dueling title Fluxly and happy hour 2-for-1 Hangar One Vodka drinks (5PM) with outdoor Scrabble experience Seek 'n Spell on Saturday, and afternoon cocktails (4PM) with virtual space game Silhouettes on Sunday.

Running from September 4 to 6, will also feature performance, sound, workshops, demos, and lectures created with and related to technology, with experiments and discussions on digital culture, mixed reality, tangible interfaces, robotics, sonic sculpture, activated objects, physical computing, and more.

Both local and international artists look to celebrate "technological experimentation, open source methodologies, collaboration, accessibility, and interactivity". You can see's full artist lineup, schedule of events, and summaries for the featured games below.

Friday, September 4, 2009
8pm performances by Meredith Tromble, Laetitia Sonami, Cloud Archive, and 15 Degrees Below Zero

Saturday, September 5, 2009
1pm Shawn Wallace
2pm Rachel Beth Egenhoefer
3pm Scott Snibbe
4pm Meredith Tromble
5pm Rebekah Fugate
8pm performances by Safety Scissors, Wobbly, Sutekh, and Eats Tapes

Sunday, September 6, 2009
1pm David Wilson
2pm Javier Sanchez
3pm Luther Thie
4pm Nick Lally
6pm performances by David Wilson, Chad McKinney, and Peter Foucault

Fluxly (pictured) by Sean Wallace:

"Fluxly is a video game featuring wizard duels in which you much make your own hardware controller to compete. Most everything in the game is controllable; it is up to you to make and program your controller to dominate. People can play the game with some pre-built controllers (a hamster ball, a cigar box, a MIDI keyboard) while others work at a long table soldering and programming new controllers with the help of a technician. Fluxly was developed at the as an introduction to microcontrollers and personal fabrication tools. It's also a fun game!"

Seek 'n Spell by Retronyms:
"Seek 'n Spell is an interactive iPhone game that combines Scrabble with an outdoor hunt for virtual letters. The game is played in an outdoor space about the size of a soccer field and uses the iPhone's GPS to locate the players, display a satellite map of their location, and place virtual letters around the playing field. Participants run to a letter's location to pick it up and use the letters they collect to spell words. More points are scored for words with more letters, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Silhouettes by Nick Lally:
"Silhouettes is an open-source video game that allows two players to interact in virtual spaceand work together to achieve goals in the game. The game uses video processing technology which allows players to use their bodies to control an on-screen avatar. During gameplay, there emerges a multitude of strategies as the two players use their entire bodies to control the game and interact with each other.