Designed specifically for video game art show I Am 8-Bit, this unauthorized Mega Man demo for the Atari 2600 was shown off two years ago but never released until now. David Galloway, who worked on the game's code and art, released a BIN file that interested gamers can download and play in an emulator.

"It was done on a tight deadline and uses modified batari basic, there's quite a bit of straight assembly code and it runs on a Super Chip because I needed the extra RAM," explains Galloway. "And it's a 32K banswitched cart because of all of the art."

He also says that he spent more time developing the game's art than its code. Having played through the five-screen demo (that's my embarrassing playthrough in the above clip), I must admit how surprisingly accurate the game feels, taking the system's limitations into account of course -- it controls and feels just like the Mega Man games on NES!

[Via @retronauts]