Aside from the inclusion of Yoshi and its four-player co-op (or versus, if your group would rather play that way), New Super Mario Bros. Wii seems visually identical to New Super Mario Bros. for DS. Most don't mind the reuse of assets, some prefer something fresh, and others apparently are curious to see what the platformer would look like if Nintendo had copied the art direction from other Mario Bros. titles.

NeoGAF forumer Mama Robotnik, famous for his animated NPD GIFs, took a screen from the upcoming Wii title and used MSPaint to mock up shots of what New Super Mario Bros. Wii would look like if rendered in the style of the original NES games and of Super Mario World.

The results, pasted below, look fantastic -- I'm hoping that with all the ROM hacking tools available for these titles, someone will actually recreate the older Super Mario Bros. games with four-player co-op!