This recent edition of Taiwan's Famitsu Weekly has a very surprising cover, featuring anime-style artwork of BioShock 2's Big Sister and Little Sister. It's an interesting interpretation, very different from the characters' Western designs -- the same is true with this previous anime rendition of Bioshock.

Speaking of Big Sister, 2K Games has posted more of senior character designer Colin Fix's concept art for the BioShock 2 antagonist (which I previously featured here), as well as a podcast with an in-depth discussion on her art progression.

"The Big Sister plays a key role in BioShock 2 and is integral to the past, present, and future of Rapture," says the studio. "Creating her look and feel did not merely entail building her suit and animating some movements -- everything the Big Sister was, and everything that had happened to her, needed to be conveyed in her physical form."

According to 2K Games, some of the concepts were created to explore Big Sister's personality, while others were focused on figuring out her final form. The company invites gamers to pick out the prototype character's details to figure out their deeper meanings in BioShock's story.

In the podcast, Fix shares some of the suggestions that were thrown around for Big Sister's suit:

""One of the ideas was that she’s essentially basically pilfered a bunch of Big Daddy suits and used those to make her own costume, so the idea is that a lot of the parts were too big for a teenage girl to wear, so they’d be sawed-off and repurposed and cobbled together, and just personality-wise, she’s kind of a twisted, sad soul, so we wanted a lot of the look to have a…nothing on her was to be symmetrical.

Constantly, we’re wanting things to be off-kilter, so with her helmet, she does have the main portal, which is the first read, but she has some smaller ones, and their size is sort of random, and again, asymmetrical in design."

This sketch shows the final design for Big Sister:

You can listen to the podcast, which brings together senior character designer Colin Fix, community manager Elizabeth Tobey, animation supervisor Jeff Weir, and animation lead P.J. Leffelman, here.

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