If you've seen The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (and chances are that you have if you're a regular reader of this site), you'll remember Walter Day as the scorekeeper for Twin Galaxies, the international organization devoted to tracking video game high-scores.

Formerly an oil executive, 59-year-old Day founded the Twin Galaxies arcade and scorekeeping organization in the early 1980s, helping promote video games to mainstream audiences through competitive events and publicizing world records.

VBS.tv (Vice Broadcasting System) recently posted a three-part documentary titled Walter Day: Twin Galaxies and the Two Golden Domes, featuring interviews with the scorekeeper and a glimpse of his songwriting aspirations. You can watch the first episode, Set the Record, which covers how Twin Galaxies grew from a small arcade in Iowa to the official video game high-score tracker for the world, below:

In the second and third episodes (also embedded), Day shares his real focus outside of video games, transcendental meditation. He even talks about the human race one day reaching a "collective state of stress-free consciousness", and learning how to levitate and perform Yogic Flying:

This bit from the third episode talks about what video game players can take from meditation:

"I believe that video game players could benefit from transcendental meditation because players that are average would become better. The players that are already real good would become even better. And even the best players could even get better because there's always room for improvement. So, if everybody's improving through transcendental meditation, scores would go up and skillsets would improve.

It's like tuning up your car. It's like increasing the RAM on your computer so it can handle more input and more output or what have you, so they can do more. So, when I do TM, I get so rested and so clear and so full of potential that when I go out, I'm able to do this worldwide organization called Twin Galaxies.

I believe it's because of transcendental meditation that Twin Galaxies has flourished in a way. And every single idea I've had in Twin Galaxies has definitely clearly been the result of turning deep within, doing transcendental meditation, and tapping that inner resource of energy, intelligence, and creativity that lies at the basis of every person's mind."