A new week doesn't mean any let-up on GameSetLinks, and we start out with the Gish folks' intriguing new indie title, which mashes multiple retro games (including that one with the clone Hitlers?) into one delightful compilation - and yes, the screenshot to the left was the one submitted to the IGF, for dark style points.

Also in here - Jason Scott comes zooming back into blog view by starting up his Get Lamp blog with much panache, and there's also discussion of the Dreamcast, adventure game puzzles, Japanese charts, a F.E.A.R-related ARG, and much more besides.

Roe roe roe:

Cryptic Sea: No Quarter
As entered in the IGF: 'In early 09 Cryptic Sea (that's us) is releasing an "album" of retro inspired games that will play kind of like tracks on a cd, the project is called No Quarter.' Sounds fascinating, a bit Everyday Shooter-esque.

Adventure game puzzles: unlocking the secrets of puzzle design - Feature - Adventure Classic Gaming
Nice theoretical piece: 'Even as the basic forms of these puzzles have begun to seep into other game genres, the adventure genre still represents the most interesting exercise of that form, offering up challenges in both deciphering and designing elegantly conceived puzzles.'

chewing pixels » Requiem for a Dream
On the 10th Anniversary of the Dreamcast: 'This was the system on which Sega’s various development teams demonstrated unrestrained creativity and inventiveness.'

ARGNet: Alma's Back? Armacham Corporate Website Goes Viral
A new ARG for F.E.A.R. 2? 'Something wicked is stirring at Armacham Technology Corporation, a well-known organization from Monolith Productions' survival horror title, F.E.A.R.'

A Tree Falling in the Forest: Used Games: People Are Waking Up
The ever outspoken Boesky: 'We have to treat the disease, not the symptoms. We cannot accept used games as a fact of life. We must take a stand against it.'

Garaph - Japanese game chart database site
Matt Matthews pointed this out to me, it's obscure but a useful dive into public information on Japanese game charts - with direct database access, natch.

PDP-11 Zork Manual: Save $2,348.31 - Taking Inventory
Nice, Jason Scott now has a blog around his upcoming Get Lamp text adventure doc - the winner of the $2,300-ish Zork PDP manual scanned it for him, too! Other neat entries: Meretzky's collection, books, more!

Bethesda Blog » Blog Archive » What we’re reading….
A couple of observations: firstly, Bethesda staffers are pleasingly widely read. Second, nice to see Gama, SVGL, and even GamerBytes (yay) crop up.