As E3 rapidly encroaches - and yes, we have a lot of Game Developer and Gamasutra staffers mingling with the unsuspecting populace of the Los Angeles Convention Center area - it's worth rounding up the interviews we did on Gama in the tail end of last week.

And there's some pretty neat stuff in here, actually - particularly a mammoth Soren Johnson interview about his work on Spore and the state of the RTS, but also chats with Games For Windows' Kevin Unangst, the folks behind new classic PC game download site, honesty from the Swedes at GRIN, and a bonus 'What Gamers Want' article.

Blast go go:

Interview: Soren Johnson - Spore's Strategist
"Having lead designed Civilization IV, Soren Johnson was a perfect addition to round out Will Wright's team completing Spore - and in this in-depth Gamasutra interview, he discusses the game's layers, franchise plans, and more."

In-Depth: Far Cry 2's Guay Talks Dunia Engine, State Of PC
"Ubisoft Montreal's Far Cry 2 is an ambitious open-world sequel to Crytek's original, and engineering director Dominic Guay has been talking to Gamasutra about the game's new Dunia engine, team management, and why it's "probably not a good idea to make an only high-end PC game.""

GRIN Co-Founders On The Hard Road For Independent Developers
"Swedish-based developer GRIN has had a tough path to success, and founders Bo and Ulf Andersson (Bionic Commando) have been discussing the hard lessons on founding and growing an independent studio, suggesting "you’re not making a game for a gamer, you’re making a game for a publisher.""

Microsoft's Unangst: 'Too Early To Judge' Microsoft's PC Progress
"Microsoft's Kevin Unangst heads up the company's Games For Windows efforts, and in this in-depth Gamasutra interview, he discusses how Microsoft Game Studios has learned lessons from Gears of War, and Shadowrun and why it's "way too early to judge or put a report card out" on the company's PC efforts."

Q&A: GameTap On Grimm Pushing Episodic Further
"Turner-owned PC gaming site GameTap is preparing to debut the episodic American McGee's Grimm with an intriguing new business model, with each bite-sized instalment available for free for 24 hours - we talk to the site's Rick Sanchez about episodic gaming's opportunities."

Interview: CD-Projekt A-'GOG' About Classic PC Game Download Site
"The Witcher developer CD-Projekt has revealed, an upcoming site offering DRM-free downloads of classic PC games, with games such as Fallout and MDK on board, and Gamasutra spoke with the company's Tom Ohle about the project."

BONUS: What Gamers Want: Silver Gamers
"How should game creators build titles to appeal to wider audiences? Following Gamasutra's look at kid-focused gaming, observing older gamers gave us 10 more lessons for game creators."