- Swinging happily into the long weekend, a look at a typically diverse (yes, OK, random) set of GameSetLinks - headed by Andrew Glassner's special language for describing crop circles (his 'Morphs, Mallards and Montages' book is awesome, by the way, even if Ernest Adams perhaps correctly doesn't rate his book on storytelling.)

Elsewhere in this crop (haha!) of links - JC Barnett on controllers and accessibility, plus Quiet Babylon on the oft-poked games and drugs metaphor and a 'call to arms' for designers from Steve Gaynor at Fullbright.

Here be links:

Crop: Andrew Glassner's Crop Circle Language
I feel like there should be some game-related implementation of this language - Lazyweb request!

Grand Text Auto - Nideffer and Szeto's WTF?!
'I’ve just played my first few minutes of Robert Nideffer and Alex Szeto's new indie/art game, WTF?! ' Whoa - a Flash WoW academipastiche?

Japanmanship: Bar to Entry
'I don't think it was so much the social stigma of geekery that stopped so many 'normal people' from playing games so much as the increasingly disastrously designed control inputs.'

GameOfTheBlog.com: Shirtless and alone In space with only a politically questionable arcade game to keep you occupied...
A Whac-A-Mole game called... '"Bin Laden Basher"'?

Fullbright: Call to Arms 2008
'Fullbright proposes a public thought experiment; a decentralized game design symposium; a call for new takes on interactive expression.'

Lithium Leaf: 'Pixel Gets Presents From Cave Story Fans'
The Cave Story fancommunity awards its idol.

Insert Credit: Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Screens
Yay, more 3D polygon, 2D plane fighting crossover yumminess.

Richard Cobbett: 'Gaming's Next Big Controversy?'
'Character creation in Age of Conan.' Wuh-oh.

So, the Difference Between Game and Drug Designers is? | Quiet Babylon
'We have a funny relationship with addictiveness in this industry.'

selectparks - Homo Ludens Ludens Follow Up.
Linking to good round-ups of an interesting in-progress Spanish game-art exhibition you might have missed hearing about.