- Good gosh, it's almost the weekend once more, and this particular GameSetLinks strays further into the path of madness than is perhaps sensible for this late in the working week.

In particular, there's the below article rating Luigi, uh, himself, as well as the canned game 'Wet Corpose', which - let's face it - has almost as excellent a Japlish/Engrish name as 'Irritating Stick'. Gotta love those odd naming jags - anyhow, here goes:

Xtra Gamer » Blog Archive » Luigi
Almost postmodernly bizarre: 'I would give Luigi a rating of 9.5/10!'.

Klei Entertainment Inc. » Blog Archive » Why do community features in games suck so much?
Restated: 'Why is it that none of the three consoles have user ratings on content?'

Wet Corpse - Saturn / N64 Beta, Cancelled [Unseen 64]
Best game name EVER.

THE MAKING OF... Japan's First RPG : Edge
Black Onyx is surprisingly influential and forgotten.

Wii GOTY Review (Williams Pinball, natch) - Quarter To Three Forums
I've spent a lot of time on the PSP version of their Gottlieb pinball game, which is awesome.

Design Rampage: Audiosurf – Building Community Through Information Pushing
A good new design blog!

San Francisco Chronicle: 'Tough competition for video-gaming jobs'
GameCareerGuide.com gets a nice shout-out in this, yay.

David Perry's Game Industry Map 2.0
Very cool, actually - though why is Dave's name bigger than the name of the site? Hee.

Famitsu: XNA Game Studio Japan 2008 Spring Contest report
Panda straddling and gondola descending - that's how they do it at Microsoft Japan (via Kotaku!)

John Davison: The Problem with Games Journalism is All of Us
'The media produced about video games is a direct reflection of the audience it’s produced for.'