- Joel Reed Parker's Game Of The Blog is beloved to me because he has a very similar sense of the weird to me when it comes to games, and a recent round-up post unearths a gem, the Dance Dance Revolution DVD game.

As he points out gleefully: "When showing this to a friend, he was sadly optimistic, saying that DVD technology could handle a game of DDR using the remote to enter the steps. When I showed him a review that stated "The 2 mats that go with this game do NOT attach to anything that scores you - they just go on the floor by themselves." and "it's a little like step aerobics on a flat surface", I think a little piece inside of him died."

Parker also just posted a guide to the 'PD' movies inside The Darkness, since the game "...contains full length movies, music videos and cartoons that play on the televisions throughout the game." And, as a commenter rightly points out, imho: "Except the [Sonny Chiba] Street Fighter stuff is probably not public domain regardless of cheap DVD companies treating it as such. If I was putting out a high profile videogame, I wouldn't risk it."