x.jpg Of course, it helps that we're the #1 Google result for the phrase, but we are still getting an average of one comment per day on our February 2006 post about video game movie 'Stay Alive' - and all of them are desperately hoping that the Frankie Muniz-starring horror flick has a real video game associated with it.

Here's part of the plotline from the Wikipedia page for the game, to give you a taster of it: "Back in reality, video game tester Loomis Crowley (Milo Ventimiglia) plays a new video game. He looks at the TV screen in shock, over what he just played. He picks up the phone and calls his gamer friend Hutch MacNeil (Jon Foster). Hutch answers, and Loomis tells him that there is a new survival horror game called Stay Alive. The game is unheard of and the origins of the game are unknown. Hutch says he will be over in a little while."

So basically, it's a survival horror version of Polybius, starring 'The Blood Countess', and all kinds of commenters of varying literacy are desperate to get their hands on the actual video game, which comes to life and kills various shrieking protagonists in the movie.

Which doesn't exist, unfortunately - though one commenter does point out a Yahoo Video Games post, explaining that movie co-creators William Brent Bell and Matthew Peterman and Epic's Cliff Bleszinski "...created a game design document for a Stay Alive game. While the game only exists as CGI in the movie, which was done by Pixel Liberation Front, the team does have a real game design document that they can use for a second film."

Anyhow, it's notable that the commenters start up just after the DVD release of the movie in September 2006 - and despite some GSW friends being convinced it was a viral marketing attempt by the studio, looking at the IP addresses, it clearly isn't - especially as it's still going on, way after the DVD launch. Commenter 'jeremy' is even claiming: "the preview of the game will be at attack of the show [at] E3 in july", and it'll be out in January 2008. True? Probably not, but some enterprising publisher should totally adapt obscure Japanese survival horror game and grab the license, judging by the amount of random interest in such a game.