- Over at Metal Slug fansite (yay!) Metal Slug DB, there's a new post pointing out a completely awesome (EDIT: un?)official Metal Slug model kit, as showcased recently in Japan.

It's explained: "Wonder Festival, which is an exihibition held in Japan that gathers around figure and model kit enthusiasts and dealers, recently held their Winter 2007 exposition... Among the tens of thousands of figures lying around on top of the tables was the Metal Slug resin kit (assembly and painting required) molded and packaged by Alchemist 9000."

Also, I love the petulant fanboy rest of the post: "Luckily (for me), I've managed to acquire two of these things. They didn't come cheap, however, although I do suspect that these will be pretty damned rare and nearly impossible to find in the future.... Unfortunately, those are all of the photos you will see of the resin kit. Nearly all of the media's attention in the exposition were gathered around semi-naked figures of anime girls, so the top five photos are, presumably, the only ones taken of the Metal Slug resin kit during the exposition. (As for my own two kits, I'm not even going to bother opening these, and will instead salt them away. So don't be expecting me to put up any pictures of them.)" Haw! [Via Neo-Geo.com.]