- Matteo Bittanti's v.useful Videoludica has just posted news of Damiano Colacito's "Face of Doom" art exhibit, as projected onto the ruins of the Hotel Europa in Sarajevo as part of an art exhibit.

Bittanti explains: ""Face of Doom" opened the XXIII International Festival of Sarajevo. The once majestic hotel was heavily damaged during the civil war. The "Face of Doom" video shows the changing states of Flyn, also known as "The DoomGuy". As the energy level decreases from 100% to 14%, Flyn's expression becomes increasingly tormented and anguished, a metaphor for a city that suffered so much destruction during the war."

He continues: "Luckily for Flyn, the video ends with the energy level restored to 100%. Flyn, like Sarajevo itself, is the proverbial phoenix that rises from its ashes. "Face of Doom" is an itinerant project that will evolve and change in the upcoming weeks." And Colacito is interviewed, revealing his pitch: "The projection of an health-bar in a public space of Sarajevo transforms the simple display of an energy level of the player immersed in a videogame into the symbol of a collective health status." Sure, it's a little artsy, but it's also kinda smart.