- Another Hardcore Gaming 101 feature of note, they've done a really fun rundown on The Goonies games, noting: "There were a handful video games made around the time of the movie in the mid 80s. Four different games, to be precise, which is rather astounding consider they're only based a single movie."

What's more: "Three of these versions were created by a fledgling Japanese company called Konami, who had yet to flesh out their soon-to-be-popular Castlevania and Contra franchises, but still possessed some pretty interesting game ideas. Nearly all of them featured some rendition of Cyndi Lauper "Goonies R Good Enough", which naturally is awesome to hear in old school PSG synth."

Wow, and there's some obscurity near the bottom: "Despite not technically being a Konami property, the Goonies make an appearance in Wai Wai World, a 1987 Famicom game featuring characters and levels based off various Konami titles. The Goonies stage starts off on a pirate ship and eventually weaves its way through an underground maze, filled with evil squids and what appear to be Metroids... Other games represented include Castlevania, Life Force, Twinbee, Getsufuu Maden, Goemon and King Kong."