- Running at GameDaily.biz, but possibly reprinted from The Hollywood Reporter (not sure!), John Gaudiosi catches up with new pinball company Zizzle, who we've previously profiled here at GSW.

It's explained: "Unlike the $2,000-plus arcade pinball machines which can always be purchased for the home, Zizzle has created a pair of $300 stand-up pinball machines that feature the Hollywood license, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, and the comic book superheroes and villains of Marvel Comics. Both three-quarters sized pinball games were designed by John Popadiuk, Jr., who made some of the most famous pinball machines from Williams over the years. They stand at 4 1/2 feet tall and assemble in minutes."

What's more: "Marc Rosenberg, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Zizzle, along with Roger Shifman, creator of Furby, said more pinball machines are on the way. "We're working on a new pinball game based on Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, which will be available in time for next summer's film," said Rosenberg. "Since we announced these first two games, we've been inundated with Hollywood requests to create pinball games tied to film properties."" What price a slightly more complicated Addams Family replica, hmm?

[Wow - also, Zizzle makes Zoundz, which seems entirely trippy: "Zoundz creates a fusion of self-composed music with an accompanying light show. With it, users can create musical light shows never seen before. They can create their own riffs by placing one of Zoundz pawns on an interactive “hot spot” on the sound board."]