xboxarcadecontroller.jpg For anyone trying to play Frogger on your Live Arcade who just can’t do it because the damn controller isn’t right, fear not! Salvation may be at hand! RetroBlast brings news of a controller built by Ed Farias of Arcade-in-a-Box that uses a modded Xbox controller, but puts it all in the familiar shell of an arcade stick.

“I'm telling you,” enthuses RetroBlast. “The classics just aren't the same without the proper controls. Once you try the real deal, you'll see what I mean.”

Still, apparently Ed’s not convinced there’s a market out there for it, suggesting that his time might be better served putting out kits that users can finish themselves. Mind you, if you’re of the home-soldering persuasion, why not bypass the kit all together and try out this handy tutorial that teaches you to build your own arcade stick out of a wireless controller?

What have you got to lose? Well, other than a $40 wireless controller, that is…

[edited by alistairw]