One of the most-commented-on articles in GameSetWatch history has been this discussion about back in March, pointing out the website which asks: "How Would you Like to Get Paid $9 - $80 an Hour to Play Video Games?", and then charges you $35 for the privilege.

It's pretty clear that the site hasn't got most people video game industry jobs (though one or two people seemed to get a refund, oddly). Whatever the specifics, the site is certainly on the suspect side, since, as a commenter points out, full-time tester jobs only start at $9.50 per hour for THQ, so claiming up to $80 per hour just for testing is pretty dodgy - quite apart from the fact that very little 'freelance' testing takes place, and you shouldn't have to pay to receive information on it.

Anyhow, we noticed that the site is still paying for Google text ads, and also has an affiliate program set up to lure more people, but its site has been redesigned to remove Alex Lum as the named 'lucky tester' - perhaps because GSW's last post comes up first in a Google search for Alex Lum, hah! Now, there's a new tester, 'Matt Lankford' from Minnesota, who gasps: "Video games are my passion, and I have always dreamed of making a living doing it. I just can't believe that it came true."

Of course, the example check he proudly shows for 'Game Testing- Game Glitches' is from a company called 'Lumco, LLC', and the person signing it appears to be... Alex Lum? Oh dear. Poking around on the site reveals older example game testing checks that are clearly FROM Alex Lum to Alex Lum, and the company in that last check seems to be located in Holden, NC (not very good use of black marks in Photoshop!), so sleuths are welcome to find out more.

In addition, looks like Lum has very similar sites about getting paid for surveys, such as and a host of more complex websites, but Game Tester Guide, due to its semi-plausibility, is probably one of the better revenue sites for him, unfortunately. In any case, feel free to post more about your experiences with here, and perhaps we'll shoot to the top of the Google rankings again and warn more people off a potentially inadvisable payment.