Dreamcast blog The Dreamcast Junkyard recently took a look back at the UK magazines that focused on the console. Amongst them, Dreamcast - The Official Dreamcast Magazine, Dreamcast Monthly, DC-UK, Dreamcast Magazine and, finally, the very oddly titled Mr. Dreamcast.

“I only ever saw this monstrosity once,” notes blogger Tomleecee. “And only bought it on that solitary occasion because I was facing a long and boring bus journey. It was clearly aimed at the younger end of the market as this particular issue came complete with a Fur Fighters water pistol and prose that wouldn't seem out of place in a Puddle Lane Ladybird book.”

A quick hunt around reveals that the mag was edited by former DC-UK editor Caspar Field, who had previously been deputy editor at EDGE, and later went on to produce Argonaut’s Xbox watercraft racer Carve.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it lasted very long – “A case of drowning a retarded puppy to put the little fucker out of its misery, methinks,” suggests Tomleecee.

Still, best magazine name ever, for sure. Mr. Wii, anyone?

[edited by alistairw]