Well, looks like alt.gaming Web magazine The Escapist, formerly wrapped up in a magazine style interface which we found made it difficult to remember to link at times, has broken out, and is now a website (with added magazine-like content still there!) - which is cool.

They say: "To mark its one-year anniversary The Escapist announced today the launch of its new web portal... the magazine’s current issue remains the centerpiece, with the site now integrating The Escapist Lounge blog, industry news coverage and contextual discussion forums for readers to voice their opinions about everything the site has to offer."

In addition: "After careful consideration and much discussion, we’ve decided to eliminate the ‘Casual Friday’ edition of the magazine,” said Julianne Greer, Executive Editor. “Instead we will publish the full issue every Tuesday, offering readers the magazine in its entirety any day of the week. In addition to the publishing changes, we are now featuring a text-only version of one article per day on the new portal, as well as the stylish print version the magazine is known for,” continued Greer. ”This option is in response to those readers who prefer reading The Escapist in a more traditional web format.”

Hurray, readability! And here's some new stats showing that they've really published quite a lot of articles in the last year. But what, no GameSetWatch link in Recommended Sites? We're TRAGICALLY disappointed, haw. [EDIT: Yep, the nice Escapist folks added us to their blogroll, and we thank them from the bottom of our attention-whoring hearts.]