s!n.jpg This whole post is very vaguely NSFW, but we just had to say how amused we are with Ritual Entertainment's E3 promotional model campaign for SiN Episodes, based around "cover girl and Playboy model Bianca Beauchamp (Elexis) and Cindy Synette (Jessica)" - both of which appear to be sporting outfits which are basically painted on.

We think that this is hilarious primarily because this type of thing used to be tolerated back in the late '90s (I'm particularly thinking of the Gathering Of Developers lot at E3, which was always liberally staffed with schoolgirls and Duke Nukem's exotic dancer 'friends'), but the Ritual guys don't seem to have got the 'no booth babes' telegram - or if they did, they don't care. And anyhow, we still imagine they adhere to the 3D Realms school of female relations.

Now, GSW colleague FrankC claims that he's just impressed with the fine workmanship on the lovingly crafted uniforms for Elexis and Jessica, and it's true that relatively little flesh is being shown (Jill from GDMag was particularly fascinated by how low the librarian-style glasses were on Bianca/Elexis' face), but then again - maybe this is just the same as having a real-life model for 'girl power'-totin' Lara Croft, just with more... vinyl?