pspb.jpg Here's an amazing ad (hi-res JPG link, thanks IC!) from a company called HMP, advertising the PSP idol porn they've been releasing in Japan. Check it out for yourself - but it basically says - in the office toilet - while waiting to meet people - in the park (just don't show it to the kids, it says!) - while fishing for tuna - while skydiving - while being stupid. You can have a boner anywhere, with your PSP!

The ad below, which you'll see if you click the image, shows a woman saying "I'll be with you anywhere." (The phrase she uses is "Dokodemo issho," which is also the title of Sony's popular all-ages casual adventure franchise starring Toro the white cat. Hoho!) Then - with UMD, you can have an "adult life" anywhere. Must've been a fun campaign. Thanks to sub J for the image.