bjorn.jpg Formerly hosted on the DIY Games website, Jozef Purdes' excellent Independent Adventuring monthly wraps now have their own weblog, and he's added an entry for January 2006's graphic and text adventures.

Of January's releases, Purdes has special praise for the practically 'folk art' Life Of D. Duck graphic adventure, explaining :"This is a superb medium-length adventure where you play a duck, which wants to make some oat porridge. The game is relatively straight-forward, but still requires some thinking, as some of the puzzles are more on the obscure side. What makes the title really good, however, is the very unique graphical style."

The game's author, LeChuck, further explains: "This adventure game is filled with broken english and awful, awful artwork that would make Walt Disney turn in his grave. You're probably wondering why, and the answer is to celebrate aspiring artist Bjørnar B. He made all the dialogue and artwork in this project." Oh, Bjørnar, we love it that we're confused about your existence.