clickable.jpg Thanks to everyone's support on the site so far - thanks to links from sites like Slashdot Games, Kotaku, and Fark, we're off to a flying start! Plus, we now have a new site contributor to announce, in the form of Tony Walsh, a long-time Canadian game designer, writer and artist who is particularly known for his weblog Clickable Culture, as well as his work designing the ReGenesis ARG ('alternate reality game').

The Canadian TV show that the ReGenesis ARG is based around recently renewed for a second season, but even now he's ARG-ing up to his eyeballs, Tony has kindly accepted our offer to add weblog posts here, commenting of this announcement on his blog: "I like to imagine GameSetWatch as a middle-class professional dressed in hip office-casuals, while Clickable Culture will remain, as ever, the four-eyed smart-kid whose 12-sided dice indicate his keen interest in being punched repeatedly in the stomach by local teenagers." Believe us, we're not _that_ hip, Tony.