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In-Depth: Exploring Ultracade's Alleged Counterfeit Arcade Game Racket

August 6, 2009 8:00 AM |

[In this in-depth investigation, John D. Andersen looks into claims that parties related to the creators of the Ultracade arcade game cabinet counterfeited numerous classic arcade games for public sale in the West, with extensive background on the fascinating case and claims from SNK Playmore, Tecmo, G-Mode, and Jaleco that their IP was used without their knowledge.]

Gamasutra previously reported that former Ultracade Technologies owner David Russell Foley had been handed a 35-count felony indictment on July 1st, 2009 by the United States District Court.

The indictment accuses Foley of counterfeiting Ultracade arcade game packs on USB flash memory drives between June 2006 and February 2008 for his own financial benefit, using property he previously sold to Global VR. Foley is accused of selling those game packs to Michael Daddona, who would then sell them on Ebay through his company Automated Services based in Milford, Connecticut.

G-Mode, Jaleco, SNK Playmore and Tecmo representatives have now publicly commented to Gamasutra, and are accusing Ultracade Technologies former owner David R. Foley of piracy. These parties are now claiming that Ultracade arcade game cabinets and game packs contained many titles that were never legitimately licensed for Ultracade.

All four companies released statements to Gamasutra indicating they had no records of ever licensing their game titles to Ultracade Technologies and its former owner David Russell Foley. These products include the original Ultracade coin-op arcade units and game packs.

Minerva Descends From Heavens For Second Helping

March 5, 2006 12:16 AM |

metas.jpg The smart kids over at Idle Thumbs have spotted a brand new Half-Life 2 mod release of interest to, well, just about everybody. It's an extension to the MINERVA single-player, described as "Significantly influenced by games such as the Marathon and System Shock series... [featuring] enigmatic directions and instructions from an unknown third party."

Let's let the Thumbs explain fully: "Adam Foster has released the second level in his intense single player Half-Life 2 modification, MINERVA. If you're jonesing for some Source action in the time between now and HL2: Episode...One, go check out MINERVA's Metastasis 2 right away, you."

Interestingly, Foster was one of the modders profile in the recent CGW/1UP 'Mod Summit' feature that we mention on GSW, adding some fighting comments about his design ethos: "We don't have to deal with focus groups insisting on lowering things to some lowest common denominator. My first Minerva maps are fairly straightforward, but I have some much more outlandish ideas for the future. One dispenses with combat entirely-at which point, those hypothetical focus groups are violently scribbling in their notebooks with red ballpoint. I couldn't care less."

That Artwork Is (Literally) Unreal

December 19, 2005 12:08 AM |

unrealart.jpg The site has a new interview with Alison Mealey about her Unreal Tournament-generated paintings. As the intro explains: "[Alison] lets a number of virtual players play the game for approximately 30 minutes at a time and uses the data from the games to produce complex drawings. These drawings are also based on photographic portraits."

The interview also goes into satisfying details about how the final results are produced: "Only two types of data are taken from the game. The position of every player (taken every second), and the acknowledgement of a death. As the data from the game is coming in 1 second chunks, [art/code tool] Processing takes every second's chunk and produces a drawing from it, these drawings are built up over time to produce the final images."

Taking Minerva To Task, HL2-Style

December 6, 2005 12:09 AM |

minerva.jpg The folks at Idle Thumbs recently added an in-depth interview with FPS modder Adam Foster regarding his well-reviewed Minerva single-player mod for Half-Life 2, as well as his earlier Half-Life work.

This is heady, almost arty stuff, and Foster cites some interesting influences: "Foster cites Bungie Software’s Marathon series as a major influence in this regard... “The idea that a game's dialogue could operate on multiple levels, from general gameplay instruction overlaying the basic plot, to deeper secrets hidden within, explaining (perhaps) some of the true motivations behind that world—it all rather intrigued me.” Foster also admits to being a fan of Scottish sci-fi virtuoso Iain M. Banks. “His style of writing often involves hiding huge amounts of information in slightly ambiguous sentences, so much so that multiple readings of his books are a must. I'd like to think I've managed a little of that with MINERVA, but I have to hope my ego doesn't get in the way.” Interesting.

DungeonDoom, Not DangerDoom

November 27, 2005 3:54 AM |

dd.jpg The creators of the 'Roguelike' DungeonDoom mod for Doom III have announced that Version 7.0 XP is now available for download - both Doom III and the Resurrection of Evil expansion pack are required to play. The official page explains of the rather neat mod: "DungeonDoom incorporates most key features of Roguelike games. In particular, levels are largely composed of mazes, which are generated randomly every time a new game is started. Levels have stairs leading either to higher or lower levels of the dungeon. The lower the player descends into the dungeon, the stronger the enemies get. Killed enemies drop gold which then can be used by the player in shops to buy weapons and ammo."

Even wackier, the new version of the mod, V7.0XP, include "alignment system and dynamic storyline influenced by player alignment", and even a new character class, Cardmaster,' based on collectible card gameplay. So that's the Doom III Rogue CCG, then? Sure, I'll take a dozen.