Analogue Interactive picked up a lot of buzz earlier this year after producing and selling its custom CMVSes, wooden consolized versions of the Neo Geo's MVS arcade setups. They're simple and elegant enclosures, hand-crafted and naturally very expensive.

The group has revamped the systems to feature a slimmer design, a 3/4-inch round cover, only one jack instead of various video and audio outputs, and more. You can also now buy the Analogue CMVS Slims in both Walnut and the new Ebonized Ash look.

There also complementary arcade sticks featuring similar woodwork and high-quality Seimitsu parts. Just a quick warning, though, the CMVS Slims alone will set you back $649, while you'll be spending $199 each on the sticks. Don't let the sticker shock stop you from buying me one for Christmas!