The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has launched BAFTA Guru, a site that looks to share "the most exciting voices in film, TV, and games", and inspire others in creative industries (or those pursuing a career in those fields).

BAFTA Guru primary content comprises a growing library of archived interviews, lectures, masterclasses, and debates with game industry figures like David Braben, Peter Molyneux, and Media Molecule's Alex Evans -- along with luminaries from other creative spaces.

The video embedded above from BAFTA Guru shows Sim City/The Sims creator Will Wright discussing criticisms about the addictiveness of video games, and the potential for games to immerse players in another world.

Visitors to the site will soon be able to upload their own profiles and showreels. BAFTA's team says this allows Academy members, award winners, and nominees [to] be directly involved in progressing people into a career in film, TV. or games.

"BAFTA Guru takes our Learning & Events program to a wider audience and will allow the amazing roster of industry experts who we meet through our membership and Awards to support the next generation of practitioners," sayys BAFTA's Tim Hunter.