RareWareCentral has obtained a beta version of Rare's Diddy Kong Pilot, an unreleased Game Boy Advance title that was later reworked and released as the Banjo-Kazooie-themed Banjo-Pilot.

Diddy Kong Pilot originally featured a tilt-based control system, and was to include a number of playable Mario characters in addition to Donkey Kong Country's cast. The development team ran into numerous problems and setbacks during the course of development, however, as former Rare programmer "Jens" recalls:

"Around the time of the Spaceworld version we got feedback from Nintendo which pretty much covered my concerns: Tilt is not working well, a racing game with planes is pointless if you don't have a 3D world, the GBA's LCD is not well suited in situations where the GBA is not held perfectly in line with a light source, etc.

Instead of doing the sensible thing of cancelling the game, or allowing us to drop tilt and make a game more in line with the hardware capabilities we got scheduled to get it finished by October.

To do that we still needed multiplayer, finish off racing and implement dozens of adventure levels that would all require individual programming. Additionally we had several people from management micro-managing us into different directions, disregarding any hardware or cartridge space limitations."

A video captured from an earlier, pre-alpha build of Diddy Kong Pilot can be seen after the break below.