111121_abreaker.jpg[In this weekly feature, Gamasutra rounds up the week's most popular paid and free iPhone and iPod Touch games, as current on the iTunes App Store.]

This week's top paid iPhone game titles on the App Store, as captured on November 21st 2011, are as follows:

1. Amazing Breaker ($0.99)
2. Angry Birds ($0.99)
3. Fruit Ninja ($0.99)
4. Angry Birds Seasons ($0.99)
5. Superman ($0.99)
6. Cut the Rope ($0.99)
7. Flick Home Run ($0.99)
8. Words With Friends ($0.99)
9. Tetris ($0.99)
10. Minecraft: Pocket Edition ($6.99)

Dekovir's ice-smashing puzzler Amazing Breaker climbs to the top of the iPhone sales charts following a sudden increase in popularity. Angry Birds falls to second place, as Halfbrick's Fruit Ninja takes third.

Chillingo's recently released Superman takes fifth in its debut week, while Mojang's Minecraft: Pocket Edition makes an impressive showing at tenth place, despite its relatively high price point.

Here are this week's top free iPhone games:

1. Amazing Breaker Free
2. Line Runner
3. Always Up!
4. Office Jerk
5. Blood & Glory
6. Tap Tap Muppets
7. Pixel Mall
8. Running Dino
9. Duck Hunt Crazy
10. Original Gangstaz Rock

A free trial version of Amazing Breaker tops today's free charts, leading to a boost in popularity for the paid edition. Rope'n'Fly developer Robert Szeleney takes second place with his latest release Line Runner, overtaking AlphaWeb's Doodle Jump-like Always Up!

Disney's newly launched rhythm title Tap Tap Muppets earns sixth place in this week's results, as newcomer sim title Pixel Mall enters the top ten at seventh.