For the past year, Steve Cook has interviewed indie developers for his Q&A series The Last And Final Word. After 50 weeks, he's racked up 50 sessions with notable and soon-to-be-notable game makers -- quite a collection, and they're all available online for free at Quote Unquote (which also features quotations from devs).

Many of the interviewees are folks we've spotlighted before like Alastair John Jack (Arvoesine), Adam Saltsman (Canabalt), Jayenkai (Spike Dislike), and Locomalito (Hydorah), but Cook also set out to talk with "those that had rarely or never been interviewed before" like Frankie Smile Show and Paul Hubans.

Cook explains why he felt compelled to conduct and share the interviews: I feel that my place in the independent gaming community is to inspire the smaller developers, attempting to make a name for themselves, to keep doing what they’re doing and not give up due to motivational issues or lack of support from the community."

"Many independent videogame developers, from the most high profile all the way down to the the little, bedroom developer, attempting to make their first videogame, share similar beginnings, similar influences and similar problems, while still remaining vastly unique. Hopefully these interviews have demonstrated this."