Who knew that in the year 2011 (and in its final months even), a trailer for a chess video game could impress you with its graphics and invoke a sense of "Damn, son, I need to get in on this chess business."

That's what VooFoo Studios and RebelPlay did with this dramatic clip for Pure Chess, which is coming to PS Vita and PlayStation 3 via PSN. It will feature tutorials, turn-based multiplayer for up to 8 people, and stereoscopic 3D support on PS3.

"As fans of the sport, we felt compelled to develop a chess title that truly reflects the beauty and depth of the greatest intellectual game in the world," explains UK-based indie developer VooFoo Studios (Hustle Kings).

And while we're sharing PS Vita videos, here's the first commercial for the handheld's Japanese launch next month:

[Via Kotaku]