Two-man Swedish studio Simogo shared its first footage for Beat Sneak Bandit, the rhythm stealth action iOS game it's teased in the last several week, and, like the company's previous lovable releases Bumpy Road and Kosmo Spin, this one looks very little like anything else on the App Store.

In this one-buton title, you play the titular bandit as he sneaks into the mansion of Baron Von Clockface, and try to steal all of the world's clocks that he's greedily snatched up for his collection. IGN Wireless previewed the gameplay:

"All of Beat Sneak Bandit's 2D levels are accompanied by a funky background music track. But this music is there for much more than just flavor. Every time players tap the screen in time with the beat, the Bandit hops a little further through the stage.

Time your tapping wrong, and he remains rooted in place. The goal is to tap your way through each stage while avoiding obstacles like roving security guards and spotlights."

When Beat Sneak Bandit releases in "super early 2012", it should have more than 40 stages, gradually increasing in dificulty and introducing more "rhythm activated" gadgets.