There's no shortage of 2D platformers on the Xbox 360's digital marketplaces, each with their own gimmick that tries to separate itself from the others, but I quite like the gimmick in Growing Pains, the latest from Smudged Cat that just hit Xbox Live Indie Games.

The idea here is that you go through the usual set of stages full of moving and stationary spiked obstacles, except your character, the "Vessel" is constantly growing, and you're racing to move onto the next, bigger level before you get too big for the current one.

Smudged Cat's David Johnston explained to the Guardian that the game was inspired by his wife's pregnancy: 

"As I watched [my wife] growing bigger and bigge,r I noticed she was starting to have trouble judging her own size. She would regularly fail to fit through gaps that previously weren't a problem and hit things on tables with 'the bump'."

"It made me wonder what a game would be like if the character were to continually grow. I realised there would be some interesting consequences which prompted me to put together a little prototype and I soon realised there was a lot of potential in the idea."

You can buy Growing Pains now for 240 MS Points from XBLIG (a free demo is already available).