Divisive Belgian indie studio Tale of Tales (The Path, Fatale) has announced that its 2009 IGF Nuovo/Innovation award finalist PC game The Graveyard is now available for Android devices.

Like the original title released in 2008 and last year's iOS edition, the Android games comes with both free and paid ($1.99) versions. In both, you play as an old woman visiting a cemetery who can walk around, sit on a bench, and listen to a song.

The only difference between the free and paid versions is that in the latter, after you listen to the song (a reflective tune by Gerry De Mol) and attempt to get up to leave, there's a chance that your character will die. 

"As artists, we choose to use video games as an expressive medium," says Tale of Tales' Michael Samyn & Auriea Harvey. "To achieve subtlety and variety in this expression, we feel it is necessary to abandon conventions of traditional game design."

The couple adds, "The Graveyard was designed to be an interactive expression of a certain mood, allowing the player to contemplate certain themes. It does not contain any puzzles or rewards because we feel that would have diminished its emotional impact."