Maybe you gave in to the allure of Codemasters' shiny gold NES cartridges. Perhaps you were tempted by the company's 8-bit Quattro compilations. If you played a Codemasters game during the NES's heyday, you may recall Dizzy, an anthropomorphic egg who starred in a series of unlicensed releases for Nintendo's 8-bit console, including Dizzy the Adventurer and The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy.

Dizzy disappeared off the face of the earth during the 16-bit era, but if the ominous warning at the Codemasters-owned domain is of any indication, he's about to stage a comeback.

The character is much better known in Europe, where many more Dizzy titles were released for the Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum computer systems. No word has yet been issued regarding Dizzy's new platform of choice -- iOS apps or downloadable console releases seem like safe bets.

[via Joystiq]