Snickers Chamber wants to return to those days when kids would play Rock, Paper, Scissors, get bored with the standard loadout, and throw in all sorts of weird variants like dynamite, Superman, gun, Spock, west side, etc.

The developer wants to bring the millennia-old game and its inventive variations to iOS with a card game called Jak and Poi (apparently that's the Filipino name equivalent of Rock, Paper, Scissors, but I've never heard of it!).

Jak and Pok starts off like a usual R/P/S game, but each time you play one of those three standard "Jak" cards, you earn permission points that allow you to play more powerful "Poi" cards that can range from T-Rexes to tanks:

"For example, they can deal damage to your opponent, protect you, or heal you. Each player has a total of 20 life points at the start of the game, and the first to zero loses.

While one may be tempted to play Pois on every turn, players should think about his/her strategy as the effects of Pois can be countered, amplified, or diminished when played against a Jak.

So really, it's a constant guessing game between players, and the one who can best read his/her opponent wins."

The group is looking to raise $12,500 in the next six weeks to create the game first, though, and is running a Kickstarter with incentives that include the game's OST (by Scrolls composer osh Welchel), custom oil paintings of card art, and more.

Contributors can also get physical playable decks of the cards featured in Jak and Pok. Ken Wong (Alice: Madness Returns) and Thinkmore Studios' Darren Rawlings are illustrating the cards, so the art will definitely be on point, too.